Jesse T. Clark

Postdoctoral Research Associate
Princeton University

I study American politics, focusing on the intersection political behavior and institutions in order to better understand the causes and consequences of changes to the American electoral system. Before Princeton, I earned my PhD in 2021 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology under the direction of Charles H. Stewart III. 


Results of an experiment in which respondents were provided a slate of candidates and randomly assigned to vote using ranked-choice voting or plurality ballots, and subsequently randomly assigned to receive a message of victory or defeat. 

Results of an experiment in which respondents were exposed to a simulated article on internet voting, where in-party cues were randomly assigned to support or oppose the reform. 

Jesse T. Clark, John C. Curiel, and Tyler Steelman. 2021. "Minmaxing of Bayesian Improved Surname Geocoding and Geography Level Ups in Predicting Race." Political Analysis. In Press.


Powell, Richard J., Jesse T. Clark and Matthew P. Dube. 2020. “Partisan Gerrymandering, Clustering, or Both? A New Approach to a Persistent Question." Election Law Journal 19:1, 79-100. 10.1089/elj.2019.0605

Jesse T. Clark. 2021 . “Lost in the Mail: Vote by Mail and Voter Confidence in the United States". Election Law Journal. elj.2020.0682

John Curiel and Jesse T. Clark. 2021 . “Disparities in Poll Closures in the Age of COVID-19 : A Case Study of Wisconsin". Election Law Journal. 10.1089/elj.2020.0669

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Jesse T. Clark, Matthew P. Dube and Richard J. Powell. 2020. “Stemming the Tide: The Impact of Redistricting on the 2018 Midterm Election." In The Unforeseen Impacts of the 2018 Midterms. Tauna S. Sisco, Jennifer C. Lucas, Christopher J. Galdieri (eds.). Palgrave Pivot, Cham. 10.1007/978-3-030-37940-7

Recent Publications

My work has recently been featured in Political Analysis, Election Law Journal, Journal of Computational Social Science, and The Unforseen Impacts of the 2018 US Midterms (Palgrave)