Teaching is a critical aspect of the profession, and I have sought opportunities to each outside of the required amount for my graduate funding. At MIT, I have served as a teaching assistant for Professor Charles Stewart's Introduction to American politics class as well as Professor In Song Kim's Machine Learning and Politics class, and I have taught my own course at Xavier University (Cincinnati Ohio) to gain experience.

Xavier University (Cincinnati, OH)

Course: POLI 393, Advanced Political Analysis

Role: Instructor

This class was the most advanced statistics and programming class for advanced undergraduate political science majors. Students primarily learned statistics with applications in American politics, and applied their knowledge and R skills in a final research paper of their own design. Many of the students used the final paper to satisfy their senior thesis requirements. The syllabus is available upon request. 

A quote from Xavier College of Arts and Sciences in a letter to the college:


"Already before the pandemic Jesse Clark was teaching his Advanced Political Analysis course online, while he writes his dissertation at MIT. Now that his students are adapting to the challenges of college-from-quarantine, his good humor and support for his students stand out. "


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, MA)

Course: Introduction to American Politics 

Role: Teaching Assistant

Instructor: Professor Charles H. Stewart III

This serves as an introduction to American politics for MIT students. Before the pandemic, I led both recitation sections, where I led discussions on the readings and how they applied to politics in the present day. The pandemic led MIT to close halfway through the semester, which necessitated me changing the recitation sections to an online format and was executed without loss in attendance. Other duties included grading all papers and assignments, and writing and grading a quiz before each biweekly class session. 

Course: Machine Learning and Politics

Role: Teaching Assistant

Instructor: In Song Kim

This class is focused primarily on the applying statistics, causal inference, and machine learning to political phenomena. This class was held completely remotely in the fall semester of 2020, which necessitated greater flexibility in helping students learn. I led one recitation section per week, wrote and graded problem sets, held office hours, and answered homework help questions day and night on an online forum.